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About Us

The people behind the toolkit


Laura Brooks

she/ her / hers

Transport Planner


Conducting this research has opened my eyes to how much scope there is to improve the places that we design and the projects that we work on to incorporate gender mainstreaming. From the conversations that we have had it is encouraging to hear peoples idea of what we can do better and to hear of the conversations our research has led to. 



Molly Hoggard

she/ her / hers

Graduate Transport Planner

Mott MacDonald

Conducting this piece of work has led to some really interesting and empowering conversations with many more people than we ever could have envisaged. I’m deeply encouraged that the transport industry wants to incorporate gender mainstreaming into its work and hope that our site helps it to do so.



Marie Godward

she/ her / hers

Assistant Transport Strategy Officer

Transport for Greater Manchester

Gender equality is essential to achieve sustainable development. I hope that by developing this platform we help to raise awareness and tackle the issues of gender inequality in the industry and the work that we carry out so that the social, environmental and economic benefits of an inclusive transport systems can be reaped in the long term.


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